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CABLE Logix are specialists in security,
connectivity and fabrication.

Gone are the days where perimeter walls and an indoor alarm system was sufficient to protect your business or home. Layered security systems combining multiple different protection methods that are monitored and Internet connected are the only option to keep your business, home, assets and most importantly, lives safe!

The CABLE Logix solution set includes:

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Advances in technology have made camera surveillance systems far more cost effective in recent years and are now accessible to the majority of homes and businesses. Cameras are now smaller, lighter and operate at resolutions as high as 4K. Infrared and “light finder” technology allows cameras to effectively operate in darkness and still provide useable visuals. Thermal cameras, although still very costly, can be used to identify heat signatures (possible thieves) even in heavily foliaged or wooded areas and are used in high security environments. Camera connectivity challenges are now also less prevalent, with cameras able to use wireless, Ethernet (IP) or analogue interfaces. IP based cameras provide the added benefit of supporting PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and thus require no external power source. Whether IP based or traditional analogue, camera surveillance systems have many benefits for both home and business security, including:

  • Allow for “investigation” of alarm signals from the safety of a secured area.
  • Allow for “investigation” of alarm signals from remote locations (when nobody is home or after hours for businesses).
  • Act as a deterrent for would be thieves (knowing that they will be caught on camera).
  • Allow for post incident investigation (to find and correct vulnerabilities in the perimeter security system).
  • Entry and exit monitoring using facial or number plate recognition.
  • Monitoring of production lines or facilities to aid in the prevention of theft and \ or sabotage.
  • CABLE Logix believes a camera surveillance system to be a must have for South African homes and businesses.
Alarm Systems

The traditional alarm system with a few indoor passives and door contacts is a thing of the past. In this day and age, an alarm system must extend its detection area into the yard or garden and often beyond the perimeter wall. By doing this, the perimeter is effectively moved further from people and valuable assets. This in turn results in the “early warning” (alarm activation) occurring as the outer most perimeter is breached or preferably even before that (when a would be thief nears the perimeter).

With the advent of wireless alarm technology and long life batteries, detectors can now be positioned at points where older cabled detectors would either not have been possible or would have resulted in extremely high infrastructure costs (for cable routing).

Access Control Solutions

Access Control systems, as the name suggests, are used to manage and monitor staff entry and exit and through this can provide comprehensive time and attendance reports. Such reports are essential for remunerating staff that are paid per hour but can also be useful in managing and controlling abuse of lunch breaks, smoke breaks and other “out of office” time.

When coupled with card readers and magnetic (mag) locks, access control solutions have the added benefit of providing keyless entry to facilities. The next level, biometric (fingerprint) readers provide true keyless entry with no risk of keys or access cards being lost or stolen.

Electric Fencing

In many cases, electric fencing is your first “active” line of defence against intruders. Electric fencing not only deters would be intruders by making the process of scaling a wall more difficult, it also provides an alarm in the event that the fence is tampered with or shorted out (two wires touch or ground to the earth). Many people also think that “a fence is a fence” (meaning an electric fence), however nothing could be further from the truth. When not correctly installed or wired, an electric fence is as good as useless.

CABLE Logix commonly encounters a number of installation mistakes with existing fences, including: wires starting above the wall line which allows them to be lifted and crept under, poorly manufactured brackets which can easily be bent out of the way, an insufficient number strands in the fence (fences should be a minimum of 8 strands to prevent an average man from stepping over it) and many, many more. Electric fences are also not tested often enough and are generally not connected to the alarm or armed response radio. An electric fence is a key component of perimeter security and must be installed according to best practice to be an effective defence mechanism.

Security Lighting

Would be thieves and intruders don’t want to be seen, plain and simple. They use the cover of darkness to move around the perimeter of your property (or the yard, if they have already gained entry) and identify possible entry points or “weak spots” in your security system.

They may also find a dark corner to sit undetected whilst they tamper with (and attempt to disable) electric fencing, gate motors and other perimeter security systems. Well light areas deter thieves and allow patrolling security officers to easily spot possible intruders.


It is often not feasible or possible to mount a camera or flood light directly onto a building or wall. Not only does this generally impede the camera’s view or coverage of the area, if mounted closer to the ground, can result in them being susceptible to vandalism or even theft. CABLE Logix are specialist metalwork fabricators and can manufacture custom camera and security lighting brackets to suit any application. These brackets are manufactured according to strict quality controls and are strong and durable.


The foundation of technology solutions in this day and age is high speed connectivity. Be it for a computer system, camera surveillance solution or even an alarm system, you can be certain that some type of connectivity (and likely several types for the different system components) will be required. CABLE Logix have a wealth of experience with both wired and wireless connectivity mediums and are able to provide complete connectivity solutions for offices, warehouses and shops. From Ethernet cabling to link computers, to fibre connectivity to link buildings, to wireless connectivity for mobile devices and wireless line-of-of sight for connectivity where cabling is not feasible, CABLE Logix will get you and your business connected.

Access Control Solutions

Unsure how good your current physical security solution is? Wondering where potential weak spots are? CABLE Logix can perform a comprehensive assessment of your security systems and solution as a whole and provide you with a detailed report explaining possible areas of risk. In addition to identifying these areas of risk, CABLE Logix can provide recommendations to tighten security and thus mitigate these risks.

It is important to remember that security assessments are not a once-off task and should be completed periodically, even on facilities or homes with the most comprehensive security installation. Why you might ask? Because changes in the landscape (tree branches growing over or near walls), erection of new buildings or walls (which can be used to circumvent security systems) and tampering (disabling or bypassing sensors) can quickly create “dead spots” or weak points in a security system. For this reason, security should be periodically assessed and upgrades implemented where necessary.